Green Poop in Toddlers – Is Your Baby’s Diaper Content Showing Unusual Color ?

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Your baby’s diaper could help you understand changes in your infant’s digestive system. Children show varying changes in stool color and this is because of the type of food they take. Children who are breastfeeding show different stool color from those who are taking infant formula and the same difference is seen where a child is breastfeeding and at the same time eating table food. Therefore, as a mother or parent, you need to understand these changes in diet and how they can affect the change of stool color.

The normal color of stool of a toddler who is breast feeding is mustard yellow. Toddlers who drink infant formula are likely to show yellow to brown stool coloration. For those babies who are nursing and at the same time taking table food, the colors may change to yellow, orange, and green to brown. This will depend on the meal plan ingredients. Green leafy vegetable will show green bowel.

A toddler may show a rainbow of colors in the stool and this may happen because the child is not able to chew food well. When there is fat intake in food, this prompts the bile juice to be released, which emulsifies the fats and excess bile may pass in stool changing the color of the feces to appear green. The bile juice is greenish in color but when it gets to the digestive tract, it is broken down and assumes brown coloration.

When you notice a change in color of toddler’s stool and the infant looks ill and does not show responsiveness, and is registering high fever or is being lethargic, there is need to visit a pediatrician immediately in order to get the infant examined. When the child also produces black or red tarry stools when nothing has been eaten, which can produce such red and black colors in stool, this should also be examined by a doctor.

The doctor may examine the anal area of the toddler to find out if there are any fissures or hemorrhoids, which could lead to changes in bowel movements. The toddler stool can show dark or red color due to bleeding along the intestinal tract and which need to be tested and find the location of bleeding. If a child has had constipation, this may have caused small fissures in the anus and which could lead to change of the feces color to reddish.

Infections in the gastrointestinal tract can also induce changes in stool color, which are not green or brown such as red and black. The change in color of the infant stool may also arise from non food items such as crayons, molding dough and chalk. By visiting a doctor, you are able to explain how you have been observing the changes in stool color and how long they have persisted on the baby. You also give information about the feeding that you apply for your baby such as breast feeding, table food or use of infant formula.  Tests can be done in stool to determine the unusual stool color change, which is not caused by food or drug related causes.

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